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Playing the Leading Role

Playing the Leading Role

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GUANGWANG company provides one-stop solution of hot rolling mill of bar and wire for customers all over the world.

GUANGWANG is in position of serving its customers globally in following aspects


Different capacity and producible size of product is referred to as below:

Product specification

Product size bar/rebar in coil:5.5mm-25mm

straight round bar/rebar:6mm-40mm

Steel Grade: mild steel/high carbon steel/alloy steel/stainless steel/electrode steel/spring steel/special steel

TPA of mill: from 0.1 MTPA up to 1.2MTPA

Supplying rolling mill equipment

GUANGWANG housingless mill represents state- of-the-art level

Crop flying shear of crank type

GUANGWANG company supplies different varieties of start-stop flying shear from 1# CS up to dividing shear for HSD system of bar mill, having all the things one desires

GUANGWANG TWIN MODULE BLOCK MILL takes the leading edge for wire block finisher transferring from group drive to individual drive

Compared with conventional mono-block finisher, the twin-module block finisher acclaims following features:

Much more flexible in configuration of rolling mills, different numbers of mill stand may be arranged depending upon the size of product to roll

Different sizes of bar are putout from different block of TMB in favor of flexible adjustment of rolling process

Elimination of mechanical wearing and electrical consumption of on by-passed mill stands

HSD bar mill dividing shear arrangement

l The dividing shear can cut high speed bar from 6 to 25mm in dia.

l The max speed of bar to cut is up to 40m/s

HDS Developed by Guangwang reaches max speed of 40m/s

GUANGWANG HSD is adoption of the most advanced double-cartridge design permitting the max rolling speed of up to 40m/s

GUANGWANG clod shear

GUANGWANG supplies 360T-550T class clod shear of more sturdy and more durable quality than othercompetitors. Reaching a cutting precision of mm class

Twin module RSM

Super powerful anti-separating force makes the low-temp. rolling realized

Owning to ultra rigidity the product output has a higher tolerance

Succeeding to a mono-block mill its max rolling speed reaches up to 115m/s

conventional mono-block mill with group drive

GUANGWANG Mono-block mill reaches up to 105m/s rolling speed

GUANGWANG Water Quenching System has compact structure and high efficiency

New launch of GUANGWANG Pinch Roll and Laying Head

Latest design of Guangwang laying head takes the lead over other competitors

GUANGWANG Provides complete solution and equipment for wire rod coil reforming and building up

GUANGWANG Vertical Handling system contributes a higher surface quality of bar and makes a more flexible downstream treatment process

GUANGWANG Twin-mandrel coil-reforming down-ender

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