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President Address

President Address

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The company is home for all Guangwang people to realize dreams and pursue excellence. Since the establishment of the company, all Guangwang people and I are dedicated to technical innovation, improvement of technologies and standardized service, striving to build a enterprise specializing in the production of wire rod mill, constantly improving the localization of spare parts of imported high-speed wire rod mill, and successfully as one of the manufacturers with 100 meters high-speed production line. In order to fully enhance enterprise energy in the industry with strong technical strength, Guangwang people have given wisdom, sweat of hardworking and responsibility. As a member of this elite talent team, I will continue to forge ahead with my team and set up fine achievement again.

Management Concept of The company is to provide customers with 100% qualified products and 120% service. In The company, everyone, including front-line workers, technicians, managers and inspectors, has strictly followed the technical specification to ensure product quality all the time. By constantly improving the technological level and fostering a strong team building, Guangwang company has become the leading enterprise in the wire rod mill industry, and will repay the society with the outstanding achievement.

Paying attention on quality has been taken as the company’s culture in management of her operation. Guangwang company makes its effort in achieving 3 goals subsequent in three aspects of customers, suppliers and human resources: 

In aspect of customers, we ensure that the function and reliability of the equipment entirely meet the requirement stipulated by the contract. The equipment that we are to supply to customers shall be of the quality like the property of the product of steel it makes, satisfying the customers and creating values for the customers. 
Guangwang takes the leading edge of technology, pursuing excellence and serving its customers with all-out effort.

In aspect of suppliers, we believe in sharing profit with each other. Paying more attention on the quality, we devote ourselves on establishing long term and stable relationship in order to realize value for overall supply chain. 
Guangwang does not spare every share of strength to build up a powerful national industry. 

We believe that the dominating part of competence among enterprises is the fighting for obtaining excellent person. We endeavor to gather the elite in our sector. We sincerely trust that a real hero does not depend on where he comes from instead depends on whom he will join in. Guangwang makes it best effort in raising its staffs’ value and in creating space for its staffs’ growth up. 
Guangwang company gathers talents widely and opens its arms to all elites globally, making its staff growing up along with the company. 


President : Yang Shengli



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​Address: No.1,Fanrong Street, Zhoujia Industrial Area, Shuangcheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

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