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Finishing Mill
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Finishing Mill

Harbin Guangwang Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Address: Zhoujia Industrial Area Shuangcheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Province Sales Dep:+86 451-55893528-1103 Finance Dep:+86 451-55893528-1404

Technical Dep:+86 451-53274688-807 Product Dep:+86 451-53274688-806


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We can manufacture various kinds of mills according to the customer’s demands by means of advantages in technique and strong manufacture capacity:

1. 6th Morgan high-speed rolling mills , of the highest level in China,

Design Speed: 120m/s  

Guarantee speed: 110m/s (8+4 stands plant), can be provided after the end of 2013

2. 5th Morgan high-speed rolling mills (10 stands plant)

Design Speed: 105m/s  

Guarantee speed: 95m/s

3. 5th Morgan high-speed rolling mills (8 stands plant)

Guarantee speed: 91m/s

4. The DC motor shall be driven for suitable with the main motor. We can guarantee 90 m/s of the motor, it could service for 8 or 10 plants.

5. In general, the AC motor can reach 1500 r/ min, and the DC motor can reach at least 1200 r/ min. When it reaches at 958 r/ min, it can guarantee the rolling speed reach at 90 m/s, it has been exceed much more than the speed 70m/s of the DC motor.

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